RTP Power Thick Film Resistor 0.5% Precision High Power Non


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RTP Power Thick Film Resistor 0.5% Precision High Power Non

RTP Power Thick Film Resistor 0.5% Precision High Power Non

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Basic Info.
Model NO. RTP35
Shape Button Shape
Application Medical Apparatus and Instruments
Brand Double Circle
Origin Bengbu
Product Description

Product Description

RTP power thick film resistors

·Meters and instruments·all kinds of electrical devices
eference Standards
Derating Curve

Technical Specifications

Type(W)Power(25ºC)(ºC/W)ThermalresistanceResistanceRangeToleranceTCR(ppm/C)Max WorkingVoltage(V)Climaticcategory


Test ltemSpecificationsTest Methods
Short Time OverloadΔR≤±(0.25%R+0.05Ω)2.5V.,5s
Rapid temperature changeΔR≤±(0.25%R+0.05Ω)-55ºC,30min/125ºC,30min 5cycles
Load lifeΔR≤±(1%R+0.05Ω)15ºC~35ºC,Pn,1000h
Humidity(steady states)ΔR≤±(1%R+0.05Ω)40ºC,RH93±3%,56d
Temperature cyclingΔR≤±(1%R+0.05Ω)125ºC,16h/55ºC,RH93±3%,24h/-55ºC,2h/15-35ºC,8.5KPa,1h
Company Profile

Bengbu Doublecircle Electronics Group Co., Ltd. , founded in 1966, mainly develops, produces and sells various kinds of electronic components, such as resistors, inductors, relays and other electronic components, as well as PDU, BDU and other automotive electronic products. The products are widely used in aerospace,communication, automatic control, instrumentation, rail transportation, and automobile. Electronics, energy saving lighting, new energy, charging piles, electric vehicles and other fields. As the national high-tech enterprise and Anhui innovative enterprise, the company is the backbone of the domestic electronic component industry. In 2009, it entered the ranks of the top 100 electronic components in China. It is the standing director unit of the China electronic component industry association, a member of the National Standardization Technology Committee of electronic equipment resistance components and some product industries. The company has established the provincial enterprise technology center; it has been appraised as the Anhui Province intellectual property right enterprise, and the "double circle" trademark has won the title of "the famous trademark of Anhui province". The wire wound resistor and precision metal film resistor produced by the double circle group are famous brand products in Anhui. The enterprises of the group include BDS electronics inc.,Anhui Changsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. , vitrohm china far east electronics Co., Ltd., Doublecircle lnductor Co.,Ltd.of Bengbu, Germany SRT company, Zhijie electronics and so on